It is with a love and passion for loose leaf tea that I have created Mei Li Tea Time. Loose leaf tea stimulates our senses and has unique properties that benefits our health and well-being. It is with this idea in mind that we have created our flasks that allows all of us to get those benefits anywhere and anytime.

It is a myth that loose leaf tea is more time consuming than tea bags. The reality is that it is just another way of doing it. In fact, it doesn't take longer to put some loose leaf tea than a tea bag in a cup. Furthermore, tea leaves can be brewed several times so it makes a tea cup cheaper than using a tea bag.
Moreover, you can find your own perfect blend among an extensive choice of teas. And by doing so, you get all the benefits that come from using the whole of the leaf rather than the "dust" widely used in tea bags.

However, brewing a loose leaf tea in a flask not designed for it makes the tea over-infused. With this idea in mind, Mei Li Tea Time brings you a tea tumbler with a fine filter. Gone are the times of only enjoying a loose leaf tea at home or in special tea shops only. Now you can make a fine tea before you set off and it will stay nice and warm for a long time. Just add some hot water for more.

At Mei Li Tea Time, our vision is to make you enjoy and get all the benefits of a loose leaf tea everywhere.