This 320ml stainless steel flask keeps the tea hot for 6 hours. It is easy to carry with its hand strap and weights only 255gr.
It has a removable strainer so you don't have to keep it inside the flask if you are sure you won't brew another tea later.
Easy to use! Pour some hot water into the bottle, loose leaf tea in the filter, close, tip it upside town, it 's ready!
Remove the lid and the filter altogether when you are ready to drink then drink from the bottle. Just refill with hot water when it is empty for a new brew.​
It is the perfect flask for a loose leaf tea on the go, from the office to festivals!

Traditional loose leaf tea flask

If you are looking for a flask to allow you to sip your tea at work without worrying it will get cold, at a workshop, on holiday or even at home, then this flask is for you.
Like a portable teapot. it has a large capacity of 350ml and a large strainer that allows the leaves to spread out.​ Its rubber base allows for good stability
It is easy to use! Unscrew the lid and add loose leaf tea in the strainer. Pour some hot water to just below the bottom of the filter. Close the lid. When you are ready to drink, remove the lid and the filter altogether then drink from the bottle.